Nobiretin supplement



This premium supplement harnesses the natural bounty of Okinawa, featuring an exclusive high-purity Nobiretin powder extracted using a unique method from the peel of the Shikuwasa fruit. The formula is enriched with Black Turmeric, also known as black ginger, the renowned Ryukyu native yam called 'Kuuga-imo', and the celebrated health-promoting Bitter Melon.

Each daily dose, consisting of three capsules, includes:

・High-Purity Nobiretin Powder: 50 mg
・Black Turmeric Powder: 380 mg
・Kuuga-imo Powder: 100 mg
・Bitter Melon Powder: 100 mg

The high-purity Nobiretin powder boasts an impressive content of over 80% polymethoxyflavonoids, which includes nobiretin and tangeretin, delivering 30 mg of nobiretin per serving.

Designed for those who appreciate the health benefits of Shikuwasa juice but seek a more practical solution, this supplement is perfect for maintaining your wellness regimen while on the move, traveling, or during busy days. It offers a convenient and effective way to enjoy the virtues of Shikuwasa and other potent Okinawa ingredients.

・ Purchase of 1 item: ¥12,000
└ (includes ¥2,000 shipping)
・Purchase of 2 items: ¥18,000
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・ Purchase of 3 items: ¥24,000
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